Back to 2015, the International Relations Office with the support of ESN Portugal had challenged a group of ex-Erasmus students from IPCB to create a ESN section in Castelo Branco.

During several months, this amazing group of students worked hard to accomplish the standards of the network with the big aim of being approved by the sections of ESN Portugal in the network.

On July 17 of 2016 ESN Castelo Branco was approved in the network at the Council of Local Delegates in Évora, and during the academic year of 2016/2017 the main focus was to improve our practices and team, in order to try to get to the level of other portuguese section.

On August of 2017 the team accomplished the legal status of an Youth Association in Portugal and since then have been working, recruiting and improving our practices to give the best experience possible to the incoming students and to promote mobility as lifestyle.